Every gift is a blessing 

Thank You for Your Support

Every act of kindness, every act of loving service, and every donation no matter the size is a blessing in our efforts to do God's work in our local community and throughout the world. Without your financial support, all that God has called us to do would not be possible. Your generosity will continue to be put to great use for God's people.


Without you there would be no church. Indeed, together as one, we are the church. 

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All of us need to shop for family and friends!

Your on-line purchases can help Alpine Community Church!

When you switch from to

Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to ACC!

No extra cost will be passed on to you. Your shopping experience will remain the same while you contribute to support our church.

  • Visit
  • Sign in using the same account as (If you have no account, click “Create an account” located below the sign-in section)
  • Go to “pick your own charitable organization” 
  • Type “United Church of Christ” and click “Search”
  • Scroll down the list of UCC churches and select “Alpine, CA”

That’s it!  Now, always log in to!

Thank you for your help with our ACC fundraiser!


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Other Ways to Give

While your financial support is much appreciated, there are other ways you can give to the church. Listed below are some opportunities where your volunteer services will be greatly appreciated. Please call the church office at 619-445-2110 to volunteer. Thank you again for your continued support. 

  • Usher & Greeter
  • Acolyte
  • Office Assistance
  • Fund Raisers
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Group
  • Coffee Hour
  • Food Pantry
  • Social Gatherings
  • Rummage Sale
  • Garden